MAZE is a DragonNest Skill Calculator/Simulator. It is the successor of DNSS, which is a derivative of YADNSS.

Sept. 29, 2016 - Update

Hello! I am aware this simulator is out of date. The simulator in its current state I feel that it looks nice, but doesn't feel nice. And in fact, the inner workings do not look nice nor polished. Things need to be rethought. A rewrite is necessary. As one of my favorite Software Architects once said, "It's all wrong. It has to be redone." And so I have to redo it once again.

I have no time frame for when this rewrite will be done, as time frames tend to cause developers to take a lot of shortcuts to get an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). But it is being worked on, and it will be done. And just like the famous SSBM God Mew2King would say, I will say as well. I mean it.

In the mean time, have fun in 93 cap!


  • Build URL + History: The URL bar is now the Build URL

  • Search: Use Regular Expressions to filter out skills descriptions.

  • Level Selection: Change level caps

  • Free/Strict Mode: Freely put SP anywhere, or be strict and abide by parent skill/job SP requirements.

    NOTE Changing between modes will persist throughout every build. Every shared Build URL defaults to free mode, though.

  • PvE/PvP Mode: Show PvE or PvP description

    PvE/PvP mode is not locked into the Build URL, but by the user session. It is a user preference, not part of the build itself.

  • Interactive Keys:

    • Left click: Increases the level of skill skill

      + CTRL: Maxes skill (SHIFT also works for Chrome)

    • Right click: Decreases the level of the skill

      + CTRL: Reduces skill to minimal level (SHIFT also works for Chrome)

    • Middle click: Locks skill description in place.

  • Techniques: Tech your skills

    DISCLAIMER: Weapon techs do not reflect in game weapon techs. Please ensure what you choose is also available in game.

In-Game vs. MAZE

Most of the data you see in this simulator is obtained + compiled directly from DragonNest's pak files. While trying to be as close to In-Game as possible, there are a few things which are not, usually because the data could not be found or it was more convenient to hard code the feature.

  • While the numbers and skill descriptions are directly from the pak, the fields/value of fields (such as "Skill Type", "Passive", "Fire", "Instant", the "sec" from "10 sec", etc) are hard coded.
  • The words "Necklace, Earring, ..., Crest" from the Technique popup are all hardcoded.
  • For Weapon Techs I could not find any client sided files that specified the list of available skills that can be teched. I am under the impression it's server sided.

    If you think you have knowledge on how to properly obtain all available skill IDs for weapon techs, please post your findings in

    Your help is help to everyone who uses MAZE.

All images are obtained from and belong to Nexon.